Monday, May 23, 2011

First Post!

Well, here I am starting my photographic (analog) journey through life. I can't remember how it started. I think I downloaded the hipstamatic app on my iPhone, but I started to notice that EVERY picture came out the same..Perfect colors, perfect flash, etc..There was no imperfection, no surprises. I wanted mess-ups that I could learn from. Therefore, I looked up the cameras that the hipstamatic app was based off of and bought myself a shiny new Lomo LC-A+!! Ahhh!!! I have only had one roll developed so far because I am:
1. Too lazy to take rolls to a lab to get them developed
2. Broke
3. Waiting for my 200 iso X-PRO slide film I sent to the lomography lab

Oh well, I am prepared for an incredible ride, and I hope I do this for a loonggg time!!

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My First Lomographs: (my lomo home is

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